ROUND SIX: 2019 Kaiser National Bargaining

At a Glance:

  • Kaiser National Bargaining ended on September 16 without an agreement.
  • Management continued to demand massive cuts to our jobs, raises, and benefits.
  • Our last scheduled bargaining dates are September 23 and 24.
  • Our National Bargaining Team is preparing for a 7-day strike beginning October 14 if we do not settle an agreement.
  • Read the full bargaining update below.

For the first time in the history of our Labor Management Partnership, we are headed for a strike at Kaiser Permanente. During our September 16 bargaining session, Kaiser demonstrated it is not serious about avoiding an unfair labor practices strike. Management continued to demean and disrespect us, our patients, and our families by demanding massive cuts to our jobs, raises, and benefits.

To stop Kaiser’s unfair labor practices and to protect our futures from these attacks, our Bargaining Team authorized a seven-day strike starting on October 14 — with the full commitment of our entire 83,000-member Union Coalition and backed by a 98% yes vote of SEIU Local 49 members in the Northwest.


  • Wages: Kaiser told us it would only agree to 2% wage increases and is offering even less for Colorado workers—unless we give up our pensions and agree to cut starting wage scales by 15%.
  • Jobs: Kaiser refused to agree to stop the outsourcing and wants free rein to keep outsourcing our jobs and using technology to take our place.
  • Benefits: Kaiser wants us to increase all of our co-pays over 400%, including increasing our prescription drug co-pays. They also want to gut retiree medical by eliminating premium subsidies, and are proposing to eliminate the pension for everyone.

Kaiser executives delivered these proposals demanding cuts from us, even as they made record profits of $5.2 billion in just the first six months of this year, have $35 billion in reserves, pay the CEO $16 million a year, and pay dozens of executives over $1 million a year.


Our bargaining team listened in disbelief as Kaiser made their proposals — and we realized that going on strike is likely the only way to stop Kaiser’s unfair labor practices and get them back on track as a leader in the good, middle- class jobs and quality care that our families and patients count on.

We demand that any new contract includes:

  • Raises that reflect our huge contribution to Kaiser’s record profits.
  • No cuts to any benefits.
  • No more outsourcing of our jobs.
  • No selling out of future Kaiser workers by paying them lower wage rates or eliminating pension plans.
  • Investment in the workforce of the future.


  • Next Bargaining Session: September 23-24 is our last scheduled session
  • Get Ready to Strike! If we do not settle an agreement, our 7-day strike would run from Oct. 14 through Oct. 20.
  • Sign up for your strike picket shifts with your CAT leader right away. You can also sign up for shifts here.
  • Show up on time for your picket shift every single day of the strike — bring loved ones and wear your work uniform!
  • Read our Strike FAQ online or talk to your CAT leader to learn more.