SEIU Local 49 Kaiser Bargaining Update #1

Kaiser SEIU members spoke loud and clear in our bargaining survey. Top priorities in 2018 bargaining include:

  • Wage increases that reward employees and keep up with the high cost of living: more than 2% a year!

  • Keep our healthcare & dental benefits affordable: no increases to co-pays and premiums

  • Improved backfill and staffing

  • Protect our retirement benefits including pension, TSA match & retiree medical

  • Job security & career advancement opportunities

  • Union strength and improving our ability to solve problems quickly

“The SEIU Local 49 bargaining team is clear that labor picks labor, and it’s not Kaiser management’s decision who gets to come to bargaining! We are going to stick together with the 55,000 sisters and brothers in SEIU UHW. We’re committed to bargaining together as a Coalition so we can protect our benefits and get the higher raises we deserve.”

-Jacy LaPlante, Registration Representative
SEIU 49 Executive Board Member and Bargaining Team CIC Member


I’m a proud member of SEIU UHW in California, and we want to be absolutely clear that Kaiser management is trying to divide and conquer our Union Coalition and we won’t stand for that. SEIU UHW is absolutely committed to sticking together as a whole Coalition and bargaining together. We also think it’s time that Kaiser Permanente management pay the same raises to ALL Kaiser members in all regions including Oregon & Washington, and we’re ready to fight together with all of you in the NW because we are stronger together.
-Georgette Bradford, Ultrasound Technician, Kaiser Sacramento