United for Retirement Benefits!

Kaiser employees are the only healthcare workers in the NW with a retiree medical benefit! But even though Kaiser made billions in profits last year due to our hard work, management may actually be looking to make cuts to our retirement benefits. We can’t let that happen! 

“Living pay check to paycheck makes it hard to save any money. It’s a scary thought not knowing what you will do when you’re at the age where you can’t work to make a living anymore. As the labor force that takes care of our members, we deserve to have that security.” -Summer Villers, Patient Access Specialist, Tanasbourne

“Our union is fighting to keep our retirement benefits at Kaiser, because once you lose something, you don’t get it back. I feel strongly that my grandkids should have the same retirement security that I have.” -Julie Markiewicz, Auditor II, Northwest Permanente PC

Take action!

Attend our “retirement parties” on March 26th–30th to learn about our fight to hold onto our retirement benefits for all Kaiser union members.

Sign the petition! Add your name to our call to protect retirement security and patient care at seiu49bargaining.org/take-action.

Wear your button!

SEIU 49 members are proudly wearing “Union Strong Bring It On” buttons in solidarity with our fight to protect patient care, win higher pay and keep our benefits. Contact a Contract Action Team (CAT) or bargaining team member to get your button today.

What’s in our retirement plans?

  • 1.45% pension contribution and TSA match
  • Employees eligible for retiree medical and retiring after 1/1/17 will be eligible for a KP Senior Advantage Plan with a $33 premium subsidy and a Health Retirement Account (HRA) that Kaiser will fund at $2000 per year of services.

Find out more at our retirement parties!

March 26–30, stop by to celebrate other members’ retirement (or your own!) and find out more details about what retirement will mean for you. See times and locations below: